Rosefield Watches

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Items 1-90 of 121


Rosefield watches are simply stylish and minimalistic. These watches have thin watch cases and they fit very well in your wrist. Rosefield watches are suitable for elegant women for their everyday use. The watches can be shipped directly from our stock within 1-2 business days from the date of your order.

Minimalistic Style with a Trendy Vibe

The Rosefield brand was founded on the set of values of New York City and Amsterdam. Rosefield watches are very fashionable watches with a touch of modernity where Amsterdam meets NYC and where practicality meets fashion. Rosefield watches represent Dutch minimalism in design. These watches include Japanese battery operated machinery of high quality. Both design and quality have been considered when designing Rosefield watches. The company co-operates with many leading luxury watch manufacturers in the world. The watch straps of Rosefield watches can easily be changed even at home. If you buy different Rosefield watch straps you can give your watch a personal touch and make it suitable for any outfit and situation.

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