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Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch - style and intelligence

Huawei Watch 3 is Huawei's latest addition to the smartwatch category and it has all the goodies one can ask for. It includes features familiar to smartwatches, from workout assistance to sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. But on top of these, the watch also allows you to receive calls and other notifications even when your phone isn't around! In addition to its stunning looks, other impressive and useful features of the new Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch include a battery life of up to 3 weeks, fall detection, and SOS emergency calls. The Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch is available in three different variants. The traditional Huawei Watch 3, the more sporty Huawei Watch 3 Active, and the slightly larger and titanium Huawei Watch 3 Pro smartwatch.

The Huawei Watch 3 - a smartwatch that looks just like you

The Huawei Watch 3 has a color display and a host of smart features including eSIM, calls, heart rate monitor, exercise meter, text messaging, music streaming, voice assist, GPS, wifi, emergency calls, and wireless charging. On top of all the practical features, you can make the watch completely your own. The Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch already comes with 30 different watch faces, some of which are animated. You can always download more watch faces from the Huawei Watch Face Store, or you can even shoot a 5-10 second video and make your watch face.

Huawei Watch 3 - FAQ

What's the difference between the Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro smartwatches?

There are no major differences between the watches, especially when it comes to smart features. The Huawei Watch 3 Pro has a titanium body, while the base model has a stainless steel body. The Pro version also comes with a stylish genuine leather strap and is said to have a slightly better battery life.

Is the Huawei Watch 3 good for sports?

With the Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch, you get over 100 different training modes on your wrist. As well as downloading the Huawei Health app to your smartphone, you can see all the information the watch collects about your health, so you can easily track your daily life, workouts, and progress.

What size is the Huawei Watch 3 smartwatch?

Huawei Watch 3 is approximately 46mm wide and 12mm thick. The Watch 3 Pro has a titanium body that measures around 49mm wide and 14mm thick. The weight of the watches without the bracelet is about 56 grams and 63 grams respectively. However, the product size, product weight, and related specifications are only theoretical values. Actual measurements of individual products may vary slightly.