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HONOR Band 6 fitness tracker - easy to use, excellent battery life, and a large AMOLED screen

The HONOR Band 6 fitness tracker is a simple smartwatch with a large AMOLED touchscreen. The watch's versatile functions guide you towards a more active everyday life and better overall well-being. Measure your heart rate, boost your fitness with the watch's exercise modes, or monitor various well-being indicators such as blood oxygen levels and sleep quality.

There's no point in having a smartwatch if the battery is constantly drained. The HONOR Band 6 smartwatch has a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 2 weeks. So you can get the most out of your fitness band. The watch's large touchscreen impresses with its size. The screen is significantly larger than the previous HONOR Band smartwatch or similar-sized models from other manufacturers. The large screen takes the wristband experience to a whole new level and you don't have to scribble through frustratingly small text.

The smartwatch is available in three stylish colors to choose from, and you can choose your favorite. The HONOR Band 6 smartwatch is delivered in its original packaging with fast free delivery within a few working days. Check out the HONOR Band 6 range, order yours, and discover a more active lifestyle!

An affordable HONOR fitness tracker with great basic functions

At an affordable price, the HONOR Band 6 fitness tracker is also an excellent choice for someone with no previous experience in activity tracking. For its quality, the low-cost activity bracelet offers a comprehensive range of basic functions and fits comfortably on the wrist. The high-quality design and 50m water resistance make it practical.

The HONOR Band 6 smartwatch includes multiple workout modes to choose your favorite workouts. Thanks to the built-in training modes, you can easily track your walking, running, or even swimming. In addition to the pre-loaded sports modes, you also have access to automatic workout detection. The activity bracelet recognizes how you move during rowing, running, walking, etc.

Monitor blood oxygen levels and sleep quality

Did you know that low blood oxygen levels can cause a range of health problems? When you don't have enough oxygen in your blood, you may feel tired and listless, and experience difficulties with memory. Prolonged low blood oxygen levels can also lead to more serious physical symptoms and damage to the brain and heart. Blood oxygen levels are easy to monitor with the HONOR Band 6 watch.

As well as exercise, rest is an important part of your well-being. You can monitor your sleep with the simple TruSleep function and learn more about the actual quality of your rest. Sleep tracking can help you identify your challenges with sleep, for example. The HONOR Band 6 smartwatch tells you the relationship between light sleep and deep sleep and gives you suggestions to improve your sleep habits. You'll feel better in everyday life when your night's sleep gives your body and mind enough time to recover.

HONOR Band 6 - questions & answers

Does the HONOR Band 6 watch have GPS?

The HONOR Band 6 does not have built-in GPS tracking. However, you can access GPS functions by connecting the watch to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows your watch to track the GPS data collected by your phone and gives you more accurate information about your running distance and pace, for example.

Is HONOR Band 6 smartwatch waterproof?

HONOR Band 6 is waterproof up to 50 meters (5 ATM) and can withstand swimming. Among the sports modes of the watch, you will also find swimming (in an indoor pool). So you can use the activity bracelet to keep track of your swimming workout.

Does the HONOR Band 6 support iOS?

HONOR Band 6 supports the iOS operating system. You can connect the watch to your iPhone if your phone has iOS 9.0 or later. Please note that music control and customizable watch faces are not available for iOS users. These functions require you to have Android 5.0 or later on your phone.