Apple Watch Series 7

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Apple Watch Series 7 - The most durable Apple Watch smartwatch ever

Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch ever. The smartwatches are not only shockproof but also dustproof and swim-proof. Apple Watch 7 includes an updated charging architecture. Use the USB-C fast charging cable to charge your battery up to 33% faster than the previous series (Series 6). Charge your watch for just 45 minutes, and you'll charge your battery from zero to 80%.

Bright always-on Retina display

The watch's large Retina display is designed to enhance the user experience. Compared to the previous series, the watch's screen size has been increased by up to 20% by reducing the edges by 40%. The smooth and seamless design seamlessly integrates the display and case. The Retina display is always on, so you no longer need to lift your wrist or touch the watch display to see the time or other information about your watch. It's also up to 70% brighter indoors.

Packed full of features

Apple Watch Series 7 is packed with an essential heart rate monitor features. The smartwatch lets you easily measure your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and take an ECG (electrocardiogram) quickly and easily. The ECG helps you identify atrial fibrillation, a form of severe arrhythmia, and innovations such as the Mindfulness app and sleep tracking help you move towards a healthier lifestyle. In the Mindfulness app, you'll find a new Contemplation feature that helps you focus your thoughts and concentration with engaging animations.

A stunning range of sports to choose from

The Apple Watch Series 7 heart rate monitor has an even bigger range of genres. Dozens of different fitness regimes and new sports like taiji and pilates give you a jump-start on your movement. The cycling mode has also been improved: for example, the watch recognizes if you fall over for any reason during a bike ride and issues an emergency alert. For electric cyclists, the watch also comes as a relief, with an improved algorithm that calculates calories more accurately.