Men's U-boat Watches

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U-BOAT watches - innovative style for men

U-BOAT men's wristwatches originated in Italy in the 1940s. The prototype was designed by Italo Fontana's grandfather Ilvo for the Italian Navy, but the 1940s watch never made it into production. However, its unique robust look survived and gave birth to the U-BOAT watches of the 21st century. Italo Fontana, Ilvo's grandson discovered the design, and by combining the navy watch with unique materials and Tuscan craftsmanship, created the "New Look of Time". In this range, you will find stylish and unique men's wristwatches and dive watches.

The New Era in Italo Fontana's hands meant unique materials such as hand-tanned calfskin, laser engraving, steel, jewels, tungsten, and bronze, and a passion for watchmaking, resulting in one of the most elegant wristwatch ranges in the world. Each U-BOAT watch, in addition to its unique look, features high-quality Swiss-made machinery and large luminous hands that make it easy to tell the time. To ensure that each watch is unique and of the highest quality, each wristwatch is hand-finished near Lucca in Tuscany and includes a serial number. U-BOAT men's wristwatches are completely new and innovative and the range makes it easy to choose the perfect watch for you whether you are on land, at sea, or in the air. When you want to choose a new time, choose U-BOAT.