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The sparkly SNÖ of Sweden jewelry will cheer up your style

SNÖ of Sweden is a fashion jewelry company founded in Sweden back in 2002. The aim of the company is to create beautiful and unique jewelry in many different colours and shapes for their demanding customers. Almost all SNÖ of Sweden jewelry use cultivated freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones. SNÖ of Sweden is a family owned and run business. Its premises are in Östersund, a small village in Sweden, where its logistics and jewelry design happens. SNÖ of Sweden jewels are produced in their own factory in the Middle East and they are designed by the founder of the company.

Jewelry for everyday occasions and festive events

SNÖ of Sweden makes beautiful jewelry for everyday and festive uses. The sparkly details and lovely shades of colours allow the jewelry to be combined with any outfit. Update your everyday with a dash of style, or polish up your festive attire to look more glamorous. All SNÖ of Sweden jewelry is nickel tested, inexpensive and suitable for all ages. The collection is renewed several times during the year so SNÖ jewels are always trendy in the ever changing fashion world. Our online store has almost all the designs from the SNÖ of Sweden Classic collection. They are the everlasting favourites of the collection, that remain in selections year after year. Order you shiny SNÖ of Sweden jewelry online with and get free delivery.

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