Pandora Reflexions Jewellery

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Pandora Reflexions - modern jewelry with a stylish mesh bracelet

The stylish Pandora Reflexions collection gives you endless possibilities to make your jewelry exactly the way you want it. Collect a collection of different Pandora Reflexion charms to create a jewelry piece that looks just like you. You can mix and match to your heart's content and play around with different shades, even combining gold and silver. The only limit is your imagination!

Pandora Reflexions differs from the classic Pandora Moments collection with its modern, slightly flatter design. The Pandora Reflexions bracelet is currently available in two beautiful designs: the elegant mesh and the modern Multi Snake bracelet. The jewelry in the collection is made of high-quality sterling silver and metal and some are also finished in elegant gold.

All Pandora Reflexions jewelry is delivered in its original packaging. Our delivery times are very fast and we will deliver your order in approximately 3-5 working days. Please note that Pandora Reflexion charms are only suitable for Pandora Reflexion jewelry.

How do I attach a Pandora Reflexion charm to my bracelet?

The Pandora Reflexions charm is easy to attach to jewelry and does not require any tools:

  • Start by opening the clip-like charm
  • Then place the bracelet between the charm and snap the charms around the jewelry
  • Make sure the charm closes properly around the jewelry

The way the Pandora Reflexions charms are attached differs slightly from the mechanism used in the Pandora Moments series, for example, where the jewelry is threaded through the charms.