Lumoava Hug Jewerly

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The Lumoava Hug is one of the most liked and best-sold heart jewelry ranges of the Lumoava company. Heikki Hartikainen has designed this collection. The basis of this collection has been an embrace giving you love, warmth, and strength.

The core of this collection is two silver plates in the form of a heart beautifully bent against each other. The form and shape are repeated throughout the collection and they come alive best when used together. The Lumoava Hug is a brilliant present for ladies of all ages because of its timeless design and combinability. Because of its simple and beautiful shape, it suits all situations from every day to celebrations. The great success of the Lumoava Hug has resulted in the fact that already 14 different pieces have been launched into the series. You can have several different heart earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. The newest ones are the Hug ring, and pendants and earrings plated with gold or rose gold.