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The traditional and Finnish pendants of Kalevala will always be sure gifts for Finnish people. A Kalevala pendant can be a cheerful detail in your everyday dressing or an imposing part of your festive dressing. You should try them boldly with different accessories. The best part of Kalevala pendants is that they fit every situation. When you’re choosing a chain you should first check its suitability. The wrong sized chain will cause the pendant to hang at an improper place. Most pendants come with easily changeable chains. From us you can find different sized and styled pendants for all needs, for women and men.

The classic pendants

Kalevala has been the open-minded and bold developer of jewelry design. From our selections you can find a wide variety of Kalevala’s classic pendants which will bring classiness to your style. Buy a new pendant for your jewelry collection today!

Eura Heart jewel that is inspired by the Viking times symbolizes love, joy, compassion and friendship. Kalevala’s Heart pendant is a beautiful and warm gift for everyone. It suits both friends and lovers. We also offer you a free engraving to the back of the heart. Pendants have been given and worn from decade to another out of love. Heart of the House pendant symbolizes lasting love. The jewel designed by Tony Granholm is also a tribute to the new Kalevala Mansion. The small swinging heart protected by the bigger heart represents all people and workers in a house who will bring that house to life. Snow Flower pendant designed by Marja Suna reminds us about the beauty of life and all its joys. The snow flower illuminates its surroundings and radiates beauty as soon as it rises from amidst the snow and ice. Snow Crystal pendant designed by the goldsmith Terhi Koivisto represents the delicacy of first snow and its effects. Snow crystals have a deep crystallic shine to them.

The length of the chain

Kalevala pendants are usually something between 41 and 50 cm in length but there are some considerably longer chains available. For women the most suitable pendant chains are depending on your neck 40-45 cm, and for men 45-55 cm in length. When choosing the proper length you should consider the fact that traditional pendants should usually hang somewhere below your collarbones. Today it’s fashionable to wear chains that hang really low and Kalevala has also such models in their selections. A pendant that hangs on the lower half of your chest is 70cm in length, and the longest 85cm and 105cm pendants will hang lower, somewhere around your upper and middle waist regions.