Kalevala Moon Goddess

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Kalevala Moon Goddess jewelry

The Moon Goddess jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate classic beauty and Viking Age-inspired jewelry. This iconic jewelry series is inspired by the most beautiful details and decorative motifs of Viking Age jewelry, combining them with modern design.

Designed by Germund Paaer in the 1940s, the Moon Goddess is one of Kalevala's most iconic pieces. The distinctive spirals in the Moon Goddes jewelry series symbolize the cycle of life, and their small charms jingle to ward off evil spirits. The Moon Goddess -series's jewelry is available in bronze and silver, with various sizes, allowing you to choose the option that best suits you.

The story of the Moon Goddess -series tells of the mistress of the night sky, the Moon Goddess, who spins golden thread and carries the spirals of eternal life in her arms. "Moon Goddess, beautiful maiden, mistress of the night sky. Moon Goddess spins golden thread, with the spirals of eternal life in her arms. The jingling charms of the Moon Goddess are like golden rays that ward off evil thoughts and illuminate the world and the mind." This poem perfectly describes the mystical and protective nature of the jewelry series.

The Moon Goddess jewelry is an excellent choice for those who want to combine tradition and modern design in their jewelry. The jewelry series's pieces carry stories from the past while illuminating the present and future. The Moon Goddess jewelry is timeless art, bringing both beauty and significance, making them pieces to be cherished and loved for generations.