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Kalevala Crosses – Nordic Jewelry Design

Kalevala crosses represent the pinnacle of Finnish jewelry art. These pieces, available in gold, silver, and bronze, draw inspiration from past centuries. Some Kalevala crosses are modeled after ancient archaeological finds, providing designers with a rich foundation to create unique jewelry that reflects Finnish history.

Kalevala is crafted by Finnish artisans, and the company proudly holds the Finnish Avainnippu-symbol, which signifies that the products are made in Finland and meet high quality standards. Responsible manufacturing is a core principle of the company. This is evident in their use of recycled materials in the jewelry and in the high-quality design that lasts for generations. Kalevala's commitment to sustainability and ethical production makes their pieces valued and trusted choices.

While historical influences are strongly present, modern Kalevala also reflects Finnish culture by blending elements from different eras. For example, the designer of the Illusioni cross, Tony Granholm, found inspiration in famous Finnish author Mika Waltari's 1928 best-selling novel "The Great Illusion". Such crosses symbolize pure and happy love without loneliness, carrying the most important memories of life. Kalevala cross necklaces combine both traditional and modern Finnish aesthetics into beautiful pieces that offer hope and courage for the future.

Wide selection of Kalevala Cross Necklaces

With their timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship, Kalevala crosses make perfect gifts. These pieces symbolize significant moments and transitions in life, providing the wearer with a beautiful memory. The design of these cross necklaces takes into account both traditional and modern influences, appealing to different age groups.

Our collection includes the highly popular Kalevala Väinö cross necklace, whose traditional and subtly decorated design has remained in Kalevala's selection for a long time. The timelessness and quality craftsmanship of the Väinö cross make it an ideal choice. The detailed design of the Väinö cross combines historical influences with modern aesthetics, making it a particularly appreciated gift.

Our silver Kalevala crosses are especially popular because they suit both young women and men due to their timeless style and versatility. Silver is a classic material that withstands time and suits all ages. A silver cross is an elegant and stylish choice that can be paired with various outfits and other jewelry in the future.

Gold and bronze crosses are also still sought after for their elegance and distinctiveness. Gold symbolizes luxury and value, making golden crosses particularly festive. Bronze crosses, on the other hand, are popular for their beautiful color and individuality. The warm tone and unique appearance of bronze make it a distinctive and personal choice.

Cross Necklaces as Gifts

From WatchesOnline´s selection, you will find the most popular Kalevala crosses as gifts for various occasions and everyday wear. A cross necklace for a boy is usually slightly larger and simpler, emphasizing its masculinity and clarity. A cross designed for girls is often delicate and ornate, reflecting lightness and beauty. The versatility of Kalevala cross necklaces and their beautiful details make them perfect gifts for both special occasions and everyday use.