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  1. Zeppelin LZ 120 Rome 7134-3
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    Zeppelin LZ 120 Rome 7134-3 €259.00
  2. Zeppelin LZ127 Graf Zeppelin 7656-5
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    Zeppelin LZ127 Graf Zeppelin 7656-5 €229.00

40 Items

The Zeppelin brand is a part of the german company POINT TEC. The watches are crafted in Germany by german craftsmen and at least 50% of the used materials are sourced from Germany! Zeppelin watches are granted a 2 year warranty and they are delivered in their original packaging.


The story of POINT TEC starts from 1987 when Wilhelm Birk, the company’s founder, started to produce watches in a german town called Ismaning. The brand is extremely proud of its talented clocksmiths who stay true to traditional methods and craft the watches from top quality materials. The brand has been granted a made in Germany label, which means that watches are fully made in Germany using materials from which at least 50% is sourced locally. The label is seen to stand for top quality, and this is beautifully accurate when it comes to the watches of Zeppelin. The label produces more than 150000 watches yearly and is thereby one of the largest watch manufacturers in Germany.


Zappelin watches have been produced since 2002. The watches are inspired by the magnificent aircrafts of german Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The watches are like their retro inspiration intriguing in a classy and elegant way.

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