Ukkomatti 100 Original (10111) pocket flask

The Ukkomatti 100 Leather Cup features superb Finnish design and craftsmanship. This modern pocket flask shows the Nordic craftsmanship. Add value to your gift and get engraving from us free of charge! The product weighs 313 grams and has a capacity of 100ml. Ukkomatti products are CE marked.

Ukkomatti 100 is a great gift idea. The pocket mat itself is made of dairy steel, which complies with food regulations. The Ukkomatti can be machine washed so the hygiene is maintained for a very long time. The pocket mat is made in South Ostrobothnia by machining and laser welding by professional craftsmen. The product is delivered in a beautiful gift box. The leather cover is made of high-quality tanned leather and protects the pocket mat, making it easy to throw the pocket mat on your belt, for example. The leather cup is handcrafted by a carpenter in Kauhava.

The Ukkomatti 100, like other Ukko Schnapps products, is a timeless Finnish minimalist design typical of the region. The design of the product also takes into account the preservation of the alcohol's flavours and the creation of the right taste experience. The small mouthpiece allows the alcohol scent not to be too pronounced and the small mouthpiece allows the alcohol to be guided correctly to the tip of the tongue, emphasising the fruitiness and smoothness of the distillates.

SKU 19989
Brand Ukko Schnapps
Engraving 20
mpn 10111