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Timberland is an American brand that is best known for their shoes and natural colors. Design of the Timberland watches presents the casual style that is characteristic to the brand.

The History of Timberland

Timberland started manufacturing the ultra modern caramel colored shoes for the challenging weather conditions of New England over 40 years ago. This supreme quality leather is used today for the straps of Timberland watches and these are suitable accessories for casual style lovers.

Street and outdoor style

Timberland is one of the most famous lifestyle brands in the world. Timberland is an American brand which combines unique style, excellent quality and ecology. From the product range of Timberland you can find shoes, clothes and accessories. Timberland watches are sold all over the world. You can find unique watches with casual leather straps and sportive rubber straps from the collection of Timberland. These unique watches are faithful to the brand's style and they follow the ongoing trends.

The ecological brand

Timberland is known from its excellent style and quality products as well as from its ecology! The ecological way of thinking is part of Timberland's production line from beginning to end; from raw materials until the ready made product. Timberland uses recycled materials as much as possible and is known for using recycled rubber (Green rubber) among other things, utilising recycled PET bottles in production and using natural leather. Timberland uses the Green Index - tool which calculates the environmental impact of the production. Timberland has gained numerous worldwide awards and acknowledgements from its ecological products.

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