Swiss Military Hanowa Watches

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Swiss military Hanowa is a widely known Swiss watch brand. Hans Noll founded the brand in Bienne, Switzerland in 1963. Swiss quality and sportive design are united in Swiss Military Hanowa wristwatches. The best features of Swiss Military watches are strong structure, endurance, and high precision even in the toughest conditions. Extremely high-quality materials are used in them and models with different shapes and colors are available. From our selection, you can surely find a nice timepiece for your own unique style. Hanowa wristwatches fulfill all the needs of a quality-conscious and demanding lifestyle.

Swiss Quality Hanowa watches

All Swiss Military Hanowa watches are made in Switzerland. Swiss-quality Hanowa watches fulfill the high Swiss quality standards and you can identify it from the small Swiss cross logo in the watch faces. The most important Swiss Military wristwatch features are water resistance, stainless steel case, and, in the majority of models, a sapphire crystal and luminous hands. All watch movements are also made in Switzerland which is extremely important to the brand. Watchmaking is guided by very precise quality control. Every one of the watch components is inspected by an expert in production and special tools are used to detect even the smallest defects. Every Swiss Military Hanowa watches coming out of production goes through rigorous testing methods to guarantee the quality and optimal performance of the watch.

Why buy a Swiss Hanowa watch?

Swiss Military Hanowa watches are awarded a quality license of the Swiss Confederation. All Hanowa watches fulfill the high-quality standards of Swiss-made watches. Only a small amount of Swiss watch brands have been awarded this valuable accreditation from the Swiss Government. By buying a Swiss-made watch you know you are buying a quality timepiece that fulfills even the highest standards in watchmaking. As authentication of the accreditation, all watches have a Swiss cross.