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31 Items

This category only includes Suunto wrist watches, which means products that do not have any heart rate features. Our selections also have all the other Suunto products. Browse through our entire Suunto selection from the heart rate monitor main category.

Take your outings to a new level with Suunto wrist watches

The history of Suunto reaches as far back as 1936. The Finnish orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen who loves the outdoors developed a mass production method for a compass filled with liquid based on his own experiences and skills. So the company has worked for over 80 years creating innovative products. The high class and endurable Suunto wristwatches are designed to last even in tough conditions. The magnificent design and first-rate features will take your outings to a whole new level.

Wide selection of Suunto wristwatches

From our wide selection of Suunto wrist watches you can surely find one that fulfills your needs. Suunto Elementum wristwatches are designed to be used both in the city as well on adventures. They are high class watches made in Finland that combine craftsmanship and digital accuracy technique. Elementum wristwatches have altimeters, barometers and compasses. Whether you love circling in cities or for instance hiking, Suunto Elementum watch offers you a high class and endurable alternative.

Are outdoor events close to your heart? If you said yes, you should turn to Suunto Core watches. They are particularly designed for athletes, and these Suunto wrist watches will offer you among other things a chance to check from your wrist when the sun will set. This is because Suunto Core wrist watches have the sun’s setting and rising times from over 400 different locations. This way the coming darkness will never surprise you. Core wrist watch also has an altimeter, a barometer and a compass.

Suunto Essential watches are made of first-rate materials and their design follows Finnish design traditions. These watches are made of extremely hard ceramics and stainless steel and they are designed for tough use. The sapphire crystal will also keep your watch face scratchless so you don’t need to think will you dare to take your watch for instance mountain climbing with you. Essential wristwatch will offer you a chance to follow the amount of ups and downs and altitudes of your journey by using a barometric altimeter. With the help of the barometer you can also anticipate when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The compass will help you search for and determine route points so that you will reach your destination safely.

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