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The Suunto Spartan is replacing the Ambit3 collection

The Suunto Spartan was released in the fall of 2016 to replace the successful Ambit3 collection. The heart rate monitors and wearables of the collection are going to include all the familiar features of the Ambit3 and of course a wide selection of new ones. The Suunto Spartan will be the most advanced heart rate monitor collection on the market. The best with Suunto Spartan HRM devices is their new look. The devices are really elegant and precisely detailed. They all have a high quality colour touch screen that brings a totally new dimension to the range of Suunto heart rate monitors. The Spartan heart rate monitor is more delicate than the previous generations and that's why it fits even better to everyday use. Naturally they are handmade in Finland!

Spartan product families

The Spartan product collection divides into four subcategories from which the first was the Suunto Spartan Ultra that launched on 7.6.2016. It is a heart rate monitor with all the available delicacies. The watch is available in four fresh colours. Two of those have a titanium bezel and two of them has stainless steel bezel. All the products are available with a heart rate monitor belt or without. The Ultra HRM devices are a bit bigger than other Spartan products because they have bigger battery and barometer inside their case. The Suunto Spartan Sport is a bit smaller than the Ultra and comes with fewer features. The Sport heart rate monitors don’t have barometers and the battery is a lot smaller. Despite the barometer based features, the Ultra and the Sport have the same exercising features. The product family has four different colours of HRM devices with or without the HRM belt. The colors are black, blue, pink and white and all of the models have a stainless steel bezel. The Sport models have a high quality mineral glass covering their colour touch screen. The collection was launched 6.7.2016 and they arrived to the shops 16.9.2017.

Handmade in Finland

All the new Suunto Spartan heart rate monitors are handmade in Finland. It is really important for Suunto to guarantee the high quality to their customers and it is possible only by manufacturing the products in Finland. Only the most high quality materials are selected to the manufacturing of the Spartan products.Their bezels are made of titanium or stainless steel, straps are durable silicone and cases are light but durable glass fibre reinforced polyamide, buckles and buttons are stainless steel. Superb materials and precise design enable that the Spartan wearables are water resistant up to 100m. The whole collection’s heart is the colour touch screen especially designed for outdoor use. Suunto guarantees that from this screen you can read even in direct sunlight.

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