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33 Items

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Our Suunto selection has all Suunto heart rate monitors available. The heart rate monitors of the Suunto M series are designed for the daily use of active trainers. The watches from the M series have a suitable heart rate monitor for anyone’s personal needs based on their features. Our collection of M series monitors include Suunto M1, Suunto M2 and Suunto M5 heart rate monitors. Suunto M1 is a basic heart rate monitor with no extra features to it. Suunto M5 heart rate monitor has features for even more demanding trainers. Suunto Quest is a very easily used heart rate monitor that is designed to match even demanding needs.

Of the Suunto GPS watches that are equipped with heart rate features we could mention the very popular Ambit3 devices. The Suunto Ambit3 GPS watch is the flagship of Suunto. Its features are the most versatile, because besides other important features it also has an inbuilt GPS device. Suunto Traverse heart rate monitors include also a GLOSNAS locator besides the regular GPS.

Suunto Spartan Ultra and Suunto Spartan Sport are flagship models of Suunto’s 2016 novelties. The Spartan collection was supplemented with a new Sport Wrist HR heart rate monitor that is the first wrist-based heart rate monitor of Suunto.

Suunto 3 Fitness is the newest add to the Suunto family and was launched in April 2018. The watch is the first activity watch to provide its user with a flexible training schedule that it automatically makes and adjusts when needed.

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