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Suunto 9 is a forerunner in the category of multisport GPS watches. This Suunto watch is equipped with renewed battery technology which allows it to keep going for up to 120 hours with the GPS feature switched on. The watch is able to optimize its battery usage with its smart battery modes and notifications. Choose from three pre-made battery modes: performance, endurance and ultra to ensure or make your own to get the most out of your Suunto 9 watch at every training session. The Suunto 9 Baro watch is equipped with an integrated barometer.

Suunto 9 gives you an estimation of remaining battery time at the start of each training session. This ensures that your watch won’t surprise you by running out of battery in the middle of a good session. The battery tool of your watch is supported by your personal training history which guides the watch in estimating how much battery you will use during your training session.

Tried and tested by professionals

Suunto 9 has been built to last and endure. It has been tried and tested by an international group of professional athletes to ensure a level of performance that you can count on. The watch is equipped with Suunto’s FusedTrack™ algorithm which combines data from the motion and GPS sensors to track your routes and distances with ultimate accuracy. The feature uses less battery than traditional GPS tracking which again allows you to keep going for longer, for example when training for an ultra run.

Combine your Suunto 9 with the popular Suunto App and discover an even wider range of features. The app allows you to track and compare your training and sleep data using your phone. Share your results with your friends and family for extra motivation and be inspired by the support of Suunto’s community. When your watch is connected to your smartphone you’ll be able to access the handy smart notifications feature which allows you to track your messages, phones and app notifications from the screen of your watch. Suunto App is free and can be downloaded from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

Discover more with the Suunto Value Pack

From now Suunto 9 is offering you even more! Suunto offers each buyer of Suunto 9 their Suunto Value Pack which is a set of extras worth up to 300€. The package has been developed together with Suunto's partners and includes surprises such as offers and special deals from well-known names like Strava, Endomondo and TrainingPeaks.

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