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Suunto 3 Fitness is a reasonably priced fitness watch. This trendy sport buddy motivates you to get moving and stay active. Suunto 3 Fitness is there to support you on your journey to reach those goals. With this easy-to-use fitness watch Suunto wants to inspire you to live an active life. No matter what fitness level you’re at, in the company of this good looking accessoire you’re always on your way to healthier days. Because of it’s minimalistic yet contemporary design Suunto 3 Fitness is easy to wear and pair with your favourite outfits, also outside of the gym.

Upgrade your way of training with Suunto 3 Fitness

We all know we should exercise to stay healthy. Sounds easy, but can get difficult when life’s busy and your days are filled with work and other important things. Scheduling your workouts might sound as draining as the workout itself… but Suunto has a solution! No more panic and hustle when you miss a workout due to a change of plans. Suunto’s automatic training scheduling tool is there to ensure you’re still able to fit your planned workouts for the week into your calendar. The tailored weekly updated workout program is matched to your personal level of fitness and those workout goals you want to reach. As much as this Suunto 3 Fitness is there to get you to move more, it’ll ensure you remember to take rests too. Seeing results might get you so excited you feel like heading out for a workout all the time. Your watch will tell you when it’s smarter to stay home in order for your body to have the chance to recover fully! Recovery is the often forgotten key to performance when it comes to workouts. Suunto 3 Fitness is equipped with advanced Valencell technology based wrist heart rate measurement. Your watch monitors you and guides you to be active with the right intensity.

With the help of your Suunto 3 Fitness watch you stay on track of your daily level of activity. Your watch monitors your steps and calorie burn on a 24/7 basis. Track your performance from easy-to-read graphs and see your progress. Your Suunto 3 fitness also monitors the quality of your sleep. Know exactly how much sleep you get and learn more about your nights’ rest. Starting a workout can be done whenever you feel like it with just a few pushes of a button. Choose from pre-installed sport profiles and adjust your watch settings to match your training session. Pick your favourite from many alternatives such as running, cycling and gym workouts. Suunto 3 Fitness is the perfect buddy for swimming too. The watch is water resistant to 30m and suitable for workouts in the pool.

Greetings from Finland

Suunto is a Finnish sport tech brand known for its high performance sports gadgets. Suunto 3 fitness is the brand’s answer to the needs of those who like to keep their everyday routines as active as possible. This watch takes every move into count. Don’t make it to the gym? Well, maybe take a longer walk home instead to gather those extra steps. Suunto 3 Fitness is available in a variety of colour alternatives to choose from. Stylish all black, feminine pink, classy white or bright turquoise. Match the watch with your personal style! The quick lock system of the watch straps allows you to easily change the look of your watch in a couple of seconds. Browse our watch strap category for even more beautiful material and colour alternatives!

Connect with the Suunto app

Get access to even more by connecting your Suunto 3 Fitness with the official Suunto app! Detailed graphs, new sports profiles and a social community to share your results with. The app allows you to get your phone notifications onto your watch screen. Use the GPS of your phone on your outdoor adventures to track your speed and distance. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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