Polar Vantage V and M Sports Watches

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Polar’s Vantage GPS multisport watches were first launched in September 2018. The collection consists of two watch models: Polar Vantage V and Vantage M. Both of the watches are at the top of their price range loaded with new advanced functions and familiar features from beloved past Polar generations. The watches have a beautiful round design which gives them a modern look. Vantage watches are beloved training partners thanks to their stylish shape and improved user friendliness combined with the advanced training functions of course. Polar has gone back to their roots and designed the Vantage watches based purely on the needs of athletes. The Vantage name is a little memory of the Vantage HM series which was highly popular during the 1990s.

Polars new wrist-based heart rate technology

The launch of the Vantage series was also the launch of Precision Prime, Polar’s new wrist-based heart rate technology. Precision Prime uses a multi-sensory technology to measure your heart rate. It measures your heart rate by combining optical measuring with other senso techniques to ensure a more precise and reliable result. The technology is a big improvement from past sport watch generations and many have found that they have been able to say goodbye to uncomfortable chest straps because of the bettered heart rate technology. The measuring is done optically using six different LED lights that are able to analyze the heart rate from skin contact even at colder weathers.

Vantage V at the top of the market

The beloved Polar V800 has officially been replaced by Vantage V which is especially designed to fulfill the needs of professional athletes and those who take training seriously. Vantage V is the first watch to introduce the measuring of running efficiency to the sports watch market. The watch measures the efficiency from the wrist without there being a need for any extra equipment. The function allows you to follow up with the results of your training at a close level which helps you to optimize your runs. The watch is further equipped with functions such as Training Load Pro which measures how straining your training sessions are for your body and Recovery Pro which helps you to optimize your training schedule by ensuring you remember to allow yourself enough time to recover from your sport sessions.

Vantage V is crafted from premium quality materials. The touch screen is covered with durable Gorilla glass which keeps your watch safe even during rougher training sessions. The watch is further equipped with a barometer which allows the watch to precisely measure altitude and use a compass function.

The active trainer’s Vantage M

Vantage M is especially designed for those who love to train and stay active on a regular basis. The watch has got a lot of praise for its consumer friendly balanced quality price ratio. The modern round shape has a metal frame and a glass fiber reinforced polymer case. Like Vantage V this watch is equipped with the new Precision Prime technology for heart rate measuring. Vantage M comes with inbuilt GPS which is the perfect support for your outdoor training sessions. Follow up with your routes and efficiency as the functions draws you a map of your run complete with running speed. The watch is complete with more than 130 different sport profiles and is the perfect company for swimmers too. It guides you to train with the right intensity with functions like Training Load Pro. You’ll always know whether you’ve trained enough or if you should push yourself a little more.

Vantage M is available in two different sizes: S/M and M/L. Choose from classy black or modern white.