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5 Items

COROS APEX 2 Pro Altitude mode and blood oxygen monitoring.

Whether you run on a forest trail, on a track or in the mountains, the COROS APEX 2 Pro watch will have your back. The APEX 2 Pro model offers 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring with Altitude Mode. In addition to the VERTIX model, the APEX 2 Pro is the only watch that gives you hourly reports and tells you if you should keep climbing higher or if you should gradually descend to a lower and safer level.

Night-time workouts with COROS APEX 2 Pro

A new always on mode for nighttime activities! While manual options still remain for quick bursts of the backlight, Night Mode leaves the backlight on for the entirety of your workout. A light bright enough so your eyes can adjust and read in the dark, but dim enough to maintain superior battery performance throughout your run or ride even all night long. Don’t worry, it turns off automatically when you finish your workout, or at sunrise.

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