Coros APEX 2

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12 Items

Train like a professional with COROS APEX 2

In COROS Training Mode, you can create, share and download your workouts from professional athletes and coaches. You can also build your own workouts in COROS for running, cycling, swimming or strength training, create your ideal strength workout by choosing from over 200 preloaded workouts and share your workouts with friends via SMS, email, social media or even directly through the app with a QR code. In addition, you can follow the exercises selected by professional athletes and coaches by downloading them from directly onto your watch. With the new COROS Training Mode your best workout performances are easy reach.

COROS Trainer

In injury prevention, nothing is as important as training in the right way. The COROS APEX 2 sports watch is able to accurately determine and divide your performance into endurance levels (0-100) and training effect levels (0-6). The COROS Trainer also notifies you when it’s time to rest. Based on the training effort and your training history, you can see the recommended recovery time before starting the next activity.

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