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All smiles in favor of sensitive skin!

Smile Solar is a collection produced by the Japanese label Q&Q. The series consists of the most colourful watches which look good on men, women and kids. The watches are crafted sustainably from hypoallergenic materials. The brand’s name is true to their design. The vibrant colours serve as a bullet proof mood booster that bring up a smile every time you check the time.

Smile solar watches are powered by solar energy, but because of their 3,5 month power reserve you can count on them keeping you on time even when you have less access to light. There’s no need to switch the batteries! The sustainability of these watches is further improved by the choice of materials. The case is almost fully made of recycled plastic.

Besides the case and strap also the buckle and back cover of this watch are crafted from durable plastic. This makes the watch the perfect match for those with sensitive skin. The watches aren’t afraid of water and can be worn in the swimming pool.

The colourful and reasonably prices Smile Solar watches make a fun accessoire! Add a dash of fun to your outfit in your favourite colours! The watches have a one year warranty on their movement.