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15 Items

A stunning selection of Finnish Rohje watches

Rohje is a young, fast-growing Finnish watch brand that is leading the way in the watch industry with its sustainability strategy. The Rohje brand offers a great selection of sensibly priced men's and women's watches that exude Finnish design. As a company, Rohje puts responsibility and ethics at the forefront of its operations, emphasizing sustainability values at every stage of the production and supply chain.

Rohje watches in sophisticated Scandi design language

Rohje's watch designs embody a stunning Nordic design language with strong and simple lines. Rohje watch designs are kept clean and balanced, giving them a timeless overall look. In the materials they use, Rohje has maintained an uncompromising line to ensure that their watches are long-lasting and reliable for years to come. Rohje's attention to detail and quality is also reflected in their decision to use the extremely durable sapphire glass, familiar to high-end watches, in their timepieces. Sapphire glass as a material is renowned for being virtually scratch-resistant and this is why it is often only found on the more prestigious watches. At Watchesonline you can find Rohje watches direct from our warehouse, with fast 3-5 business day free delivery.

Particularly comfortable reindeer leather straps

A fine specialty for the Rohje watch brand is their reindeer leather straps, handmade in Tampere. Reindeer leather is a rare material choice in the watchmaking industry, but its inherent softness and lightness make it an extremely comfortable choice for a bracelet. Rohje's ideology of sustainability and eco-friendliness is reflected in every step they take, including the materials they use. Reindeer skin is a byproduct of the reindeer industry. All leathers used by Rohjee are made using the vegetable tanning method, which is a significantly more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chrome tanning.

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