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Paul Hewitt watches

The brand Paul Hewitt was born when they were looking for inspiration from a family tree. Their elegant flat-dialled watches represent timelessness, and they highlight the free time in life. All of their products are handmade and they have an extremely strict final inspection. Quality means the world to this brand. To ensure maximum quality they use only the best materials. In their pursuit of perfection, this brand will give all it’s got so that its customers can enjoy their products for years.

Choose a watch that feels good

The design of the leather is of first-class quality and the watches come in many different sizes. The watches, as well as the jewelry that fits them, create a vision of an easygoing and free life. The leather stitching is very stylish. If you combine that for instance with a belt cloth you get a very sophisticated combination. The materials that are mainly used in the wristbands are leather and fabric, but there are also models made from stainless steel.

Paul Hewitt Sailor Line watches

Sailor Line watches are very much designed for everyday use, and sailing as the name suggests. This sailor-themed collection radiates the sounds of the sea and feels very good on your wrist. The watches have a rather big dial which creates a sophisticated yet easygoing mood. This collection that is designed for both men and women is the newest collection of Paul Hewitt and it has been received well by the public. The collection is a natural continuum for the production of this product family and this magnificent collection is not overshadowed by the others. You should also check our other collections.