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You can find Moomin watches from our online store with a fast 3-5 working day delivery. From these watches you can find the familiar faces of Moominvalley to cheer up your life. Each character has their own philosophy from which you can draw your own positive attitude for life. Cheer up yourself or your child with a fancy Moomin watch and order yours today! The watches are issued a two year warranty!

Moomin wristwatches

Our wristwatch collection has Moomin watches fit for children and adults. These wristwatches have the funny characters of Moominvalley to cheer up your wrist. These characters include the cheerful Moomintroll, the dreamy Snorkmaiden, the lively Little My, the jokester Stinky and the cold Groke. The wristwatches are a perfect gift idea for instance for a child’s first watch. Moomin wristwatches are interesting and fun timepieces for school kids that they can show their friends and tell stories about. The watches are suitable for children of all ages and Moomins are indeed every child’s long lasting favourite characters.

Moomin wall clocks

From the fun Moomin wall clocks you can find the familiar small characters of Moominvalley. From the Little My clocks you will find the small and feisty girl with a red dress and a bun of hair. The fearless and bold My enjoys adventures, though too much of a curiosity will lead to some grey hairs. However, the small and feisty adventurer is always glad and kind. The Stinky wall clocks feature the constantly prank pulling little creature. Stinky loves small-scale meanness and pranks, although the people of Moominvalley always catch him. All Moomin wall clocks have silent and smooth slider pointers. These wall clocks go well for bedrooms because they are so silent.