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Browse our gorgeous selection of trendy Timberland watches for men.This American brand is famous for its iconic shoes. But did you know the brand is known for its watches too? Timberland trusts in premium quality materials and thus their watch straps are made using the same top quality leather as used in their shoes.

Watches for the style and quality conscious

Timberland watches are made sustainably and it is very important for the brand that their manufacturing has as little effect on the environment as possible. Sustainability has been taken into account in every step of the production process. The company makes use of the Green Index, which is used as a measuring index for sustainability. Materials are chosen with consideration for the environment and the brand is known to use innovative materials such as recycled rubber, natural leather, and PET recycled bottles in their designs.

Quality watches for men from Timberland

Style, quality, and sustainability come together in each men’s Timberland watch. The watches are true to today's trends and can easily be styled with your favorite outfits. Timberland is ambitious when it comes to quality and has chosen to only use premium materials in its designs. The brand puts a lot of effort into the use of durable materials that match its sustainability goals. Each Timberland watch is water resistant to at least 50 meters. Timberland wristwatches are granted a two-year warranty and are delivered in their original packaging.