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Swiss Military Hanowa watches with Swiss quality

Hanowa is a traditional Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1963. The Hanowa name comes from the brand's founder, Hans Noll, name. Hanowa’s other brand is Swiss Military Hanowa which was launched in 1990. The company aims to manufacture top-quality Swiss watches at a competitive price. All Hanowa wristwatches are Swiss-made using quality materials to ensure the watches will endure heavy use. Almost all Swiss Military Hanowa watches are covered with sapphire crystal and are water resistant up to 100 m. Naturally, Swiss Military Hanowa watches are powered with Swiss-quality movements. The Swiss Military watch collection has an army-spirited design and to some extent are considered trench watches and tool watches, but the range includes also all-around watch models for casual wear. The brand has a strong consumer-oriented take on its operations and they take its end users' wishes into account in its designs. Browse the large selection of men's watches ranging from casual styles to ultra-technical tool watches intended for more demanding conditions. Each piece has a red Swiss Military Hanowa logo, as a symbol of the watch's origin. We always deliver our Hanowa men's watches in their original packaging, complete with an original warranty.