DKNY Watches for Women

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  1. DKNY Brooklyn NY8769
    In stock
    DKNY Brooklyn NY8769 €165.00
  2. DKNY NY2285 Stanhope
    In stock
    DKNY NY2285 Stanhope €225.00
  3. DKNY NY8287
    In stock
    DKNY NY8287 €139.00
  4. DKNY NY2227 Beekman
    In stock
    DKNY NY2227 Beekman €285.00
  5. DKNY NY2275 Soho
    In stock
    DKNY NY2275 Soho €255.00
  6. DKNY NY2471 Crosby
    In stock
    DKNY NY2471 Crosby €265.00
  7. DKNY NY2432 Chambers
    In stock
    DKNY NY2432 Chambers €225.00
  8. DKNY Stanhope NY2400
    In stock
    DKNY Stanhope NY2400 €169.00
  9. DKNY NY2343 Soho Gold
    Temporarily out of stock
    DKNY NY2343 Soho Gold
  10. DKNY Minetta NY2651
    Temporarily out of stock
    DKNY Minetta NY2651 €189.00

28 Items

DKNY ladies watches for women with style

This fashion focused brand is famous for its DKNY bags and DKNY perfumes which are beloved amongst fashionistas around the world. The brand's selection of DKNY ladies watches surely meets the high design and quality standards that this fashion house is known for. The story of DKNY is curated by world famous designer Donna Karan, who is a big name in the fashion world.

Fashionable DKNY watches

Browse our wide selection DKNY watches and discover your favourite look. We deliver each DKNY watch in its original packaging complete with original warranty. The style of DKNY is classy and elegant but also playful and modern. The brand offers a creative mix of styles and swears by premium quality. Inspired by the dynamic New York lifestyle this brand keeps on evolving and stays on track with the trends of our time. Discover the watch that most looks like you and order today!

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