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Kalevala Väinö cross necklace

The Väinö cross necklace is perfect for anyone who appreciates the symbolism of the cross and timeless beauty. This striking piece of jewelry is suitable for any cross-bearer, offering a combination of tradition and modern design that carries deep significance.

Designed by Tony Granholm, the Kalevala Väinö cross is handcrafted, ensuring its quality and uniqueness. The Väinö cross is designed to carry the traditions and symbolism that have been present among people for generations.

The story of the Väinö cross tells of the deep symbolism and significance of the jewelry throughout history. "A pledge to yesterday, a pledge to tomorrow. Symbolism and the quest for beauty were born hand in hand with humanity. With jewelry, people communicate who they are, where they come from, where they belong, and what they believe in. In ancient times, jewelry might also be given for the journey to the afterlife. In Kalevala Originals jewelry, the heritage of past times lives on – we can wear the same jewelry for the same reasons as our ancestors generations ago. The beauty of jewelry is not fleeting."

The Väinö cross honors the heritage of past times and brings it to the present in a stylish and meaningful way. The jewelry series's pieces are timeless and symbolically strong, making them a perfect choice for anyone who wants to carry the beauty and significance of history and faith. All Kalevala jewelry is designed and manufactured in Finland.