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Kalevala Tundra jewelry

The Tundra jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate sculptural design and sophisticated surface textures. This jewelry series showcases the light, leaf-like shape of the jewelry and the cool sheen of silver, inviting closer inspection.

Kalevala has designed and executed the Tundra jewelry in collaboration with Hálo. Kalevala Tundra jewelry is handcrafted, emphasizing its uniqueness and quality.

The story of the Tundra jewelry draws inspiration from the rugged but beautiful northern nature. "Above the earth, under the sky, the summit of the fell is desolate. Frostbitten, bitten by frost, battered by harsh weather. What would take root there, what would dare to cling to it, beautify the cold stone? A chilly twig, a stubborn moss, some stubborn lichen. It does not mourn the desolation of life, does not shed tears, does not grieve the barrenness of the wilderness. Cradles the winter, awakens to the spring of life, and drinks the light of the summer sun. Above the earth, on the summit of the fell, the northern sky as the roof." This poetic description brings out the spirit of the jewelry series and the resilience and beauty of northern nature.

The Kalevala Tundra jewelry is perfect for those who want to highlight the rugged beauty of northern nature and appreciate the skillful design of jewelry. The jewelry series's pieces are timeless and versatile, making them a perfect choice for both everyday and special occasions. The Tundra jewelry tells the story of the strength and resilience of northern nature while showcasing the wearer's unique style and beauty.