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Kalevala Tree Spirit jewelry

The Tree Spirit jewelry is perfect for those who feel a connection to Scandinavian nature and mythology. This jewelry series reflects the mysticism of nature and forest spirits, bringing traditional Finnish symbols and stories to life in modern design.

The Kalevala Tree Spirit jewelry is made of golden bronze, and its festive appearance makes it distinctive and valuable. Each piece features a diamond-shaped enameled silver plate in the center, adding uniqueness and beauty. The enamel parts are crafted by Pauliina Rundgren in her studio in Mikkeli, emphasizing the domestic craftsmanship and quality of the jewelry.

Designer Taru Harmaala Chaloff has captured the essence and power of the forest in these pieces. The Tree Spirit -series's poem reflects this idea: "I am the gold of the sun on your skin, the guardian flame in your soul, the night-calling cuckoo. I am the spirit, the forest's essence, and strength, I am, you are." This jewelry series is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to carry a piece of forest magic with them. Jewelry in this series is like small works of art that combine traditional Finnish aesthetics with modern design, creating timeless and meaningful pieces.