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Kalevala Summer Night Rose jewelry

The Summer Night Rose jewelry is perfect for those who want to carry the delicate beauty of Scotch Briar roses and the magical atmosphere of a Nordic summer night with them. This jewelry series reflects the splendor of the Nordic summer, bringing to life its romantic and peaceful moments.

Designed by Anni Ruuth, the Summer Night Rose jewelry is sculptural and beautifully patterned, combining the delicate blossoms of Scotch Briar roses with modern and minimalist design. The jewelry in this series blends floral garlands with clean lines, creating a unique and elegant whole suitable for both everyday and special occasions.

The story of the Summer Night Rose -series is inspired by the poem "Proximity" by Finnish pet Saima Harmaja's : "In my room, spring is still here. The rain roars and the roses bloom in the dark, and the nightingale sings. It stays with me!" This poem perfectly describes the jewelry series's atmosphere, where the flowers of spring and summer bloom and bring light and beauty.

The Summer Night Rose -series is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and want to incorporate it into their style. Jewelry in this series is like small works of art, carrying the enchanting beauty of summer and Scotch Briar roses, making them memorable and meaningful for the wearer.