Maiden of the North

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Kalevala Maiden of the North jewelry

The Maiden of the North jewelry is perfect for those who want to emphasize strength, wisdom, and appreciation of traditions in their jewelry. This jewelry series draws inspiration from ancient Nordic jewelry, showcasing the aesthetics and intricate braided designs of the Iron Age in a modern form.

Designed by Taru Harmaala Chaloff, the Maiden of the North jewelry is made of shimmering silver or warm bronze, with decorative braids that honor the traditions of the jewelry worn by our ancestors. The Maiden of the North earrings are unique, as they are not mirror images of each other, emphasizing their handcrafted nature and individuality. The jewelry series also includes larger statement earrings, allowing you to choose the size and style that best suits you.

The story of the Maiden of the North jewelry tells of the cunning maiden of North, a wise and powerful being who weaves plots and knows spells. "The cunning maiden of North, wise and powerful, weaves plots, knows spells and can enchant anyone she desires. With these, she bends the minds of men and the laughter of women, as well as the winds of the sky and the roar of the sea." This poem reflects the strong and mystical spirit of the jewelry series, combined with the beauty of ancient jewelry.

The Finnish Maiden of the North jewelry is perfect for those who want to highlight traditions and strength in modern jewelry design. The jewelry series's pieces showcase the decorative elements of ancient Viking age festive attire, combining them with contemporary craftsmanship and design. The Maiden of the North jewelry is a timeless art that tells stories of the past and brings with it the wisdom and strength of our ancestors.