Kalevala Lucky Pearl

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Kalevala Lucky Pearl jewelry

The Lucky Pearl jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate nature-inspired and meaningful jewelry. This pearl jewelry reflects the peace and beauty of the sea, bringing out the design language inspired by seashells and the luster of pearls.

Designed by Lina Simons, the Kalevala Lucky Pearl jewelry is handcrafted, and their matte pendant parts resemble seashells washed ashore. The Lucky Pearl jewelry is delicate and beautiful, perfect for adding a touch of nature's beauty to any outfit.

The story of the Lucky Pearl jewelry tells how each outer shell hides shimmering pearls of happiness: "Ragged, rough, there are so many of us. Some wild and free, others cold and hard. But all are outer shells, don't let them fool you. Inside everyone, there are shimmering pearls of happiness." This poem perfectly describes the idea of the jewelry series, where the external roughness of the jewelry hides a beautiful and shimmering core.

The Lucky Pearl jewelry is perfect for those who want to emphasize their inner beauty and appreciate nature-inspired design. The jewelry series's pieces are timeless and versatile, making them a perfect choice for both everyday and special occasions. They also make wonderful gifts, reminding us that inside all of us, there are shimmering pearls of happiness.