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Kalevala Longing jewelry

The Longing jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of the past and want to carry with them wistful memories and hopes for the future. This jewelry series showcases a sculptural and nostalgic design language that combines the aesthetics of old photo frames with modern jewelry design.

The jewelry in the Longing -series is beautifully patterned and sculptural, inspired by old photo frames. Made of bright silver, these pieces reflect the wistfulness of the past and memories, creating a deep connection between the wearer and their personal stories. Designer Taru Harmaala Chaloff has captured elements in the jewelry that evoke nostalgia and emotions.

The Longing jewelry takes us to the old photo on the dresser, opening a window to the soul's past. "On the dresser, an old photo in its frame opens the window to my soul. I look and see and remember everything that was and what never was, and what is now, will soon be a wistful memory of the past. At the same time, I see everything I hope for in the future. Longing and anticipation, in the flow of time. Evening darkens, the picture fades, and my soul's window remains open." This poem reflects the deep and nostalgic nature of the jewelry series.

The Longing -series's jewelry reflects the beauty of past times and is perfect for those who want to emphasize the importance of their memories and live in moments full of wistfulness and anticipation. The jewelry series's pieces are like small works of art, carrying stories of the past and future, creating deep and evocative jewelry that touches the heart.