Kalevala Echoes

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Kalevala Echoes jewelry - Nature talks

The echo series features several cone-shaped forms that could be imagined to be echoes in themselves when sound hits the element. The series is versatile multi-purpose, and very impressive. The extension pieces make it easy to create a piece of jewellery that is just right for you. The Kalevala Echoes jewelry is made of silver.

Echoes - jewelry that speaks volumes

The Kalevala Echoes jewelry series is the work of the artist Heli Kauhanen. A long-time professional, Kauhanen has worked as a designer, jewelry designer, and teacher, and wants to create eye-catching jewelry that is comfortable to wear and that people take ownership of. Echoes is a versatile jewelry range that can be worn from day to night and is made of recycled silver. Order yours now and create your own stunning look.