Kalevala Daydream

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Kalevala Daydream jewelry

The Daydream jewelry is designed for those who appreciate the delicacy and the pursuit of dreams in their jewelry. This jewelry series embodies the beauty of wishes and dreams, bringing them into everyday life and celebrations.

The Daydream jewelry consists of small matte buds that form delicate lace-like structures. These silver pieces are designed by Tiina Arkko and handcrafted to ensure their uniqueness and high quality. The story of the jewelry series reflects the power of dreams and wishes: "Wove a beautiful wreath, tied each leaf with faith in the new, bound each bud with hopes for the future, entwined each flower with many dreams." This poem captures the essence of the Daydream -series: each piece is like a small wreath of dreams, reminding the wearer of the possibilities of the future and the importance of pursuing dreams.

The Daydream jewelry is especially suitable for those who want to highlight the beautiful moments of life and the significance of dreams. These pieces are like small works of art, carrying deep emotions and wishes, making them valuable and meaningful to the wearer.