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Kalevala Alluring jewelry

The Alluring jewelry is perfect for those who appreciate boldness and expressiveness in their jewelry. This jewelry series offers endless possibilities to create a unique style through innovative design, playfulness, and versatility.

Designed by Juslin-Maunula, the highlight of the Alluring -series is its two-part earrings that can be combined in different ways. This gives the wearer the opportunity to create countless combinations and looks, especially if you acquire both the silver and bronze versions. The stud fastening ensures comfort and security, making them suitable for various situations.

The story of the Alluring jewelry encourages looking at things from a new perspective and finding beauty in unexpected places. "Things are not always what they seem. Take a moment to stop, look, and listen with an open mind, without prejudice. You may see things in a whole new light, and find beauty where you didn't expect it. Notice how opposites can complement each other, forming harmonious wholes." This poetic story reflects the spirit of the jewelry series and encourages the wearer to be open-minded and playful in combining jewelry.

The Alluring -series is perfect for those who want to emphasize their personality and play with their style. The jewelry series's pieces offer the opportunity to create constantly new looks, making them versatile and timeless. This jewelry series is a perfect choice for jewelry that stands out and expresses boldness and creativity.