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Meet Scandinavian Jewellery Brand Aarikka - Jewellery Crafted in Finland

Aarikka is one of the most iconic Scandinavian brands known for its simple and minimalistic designs made out of wood. This Finnish design brand believes the core of design lies in bringing joy to our lives. This jewellery collection is designed true to Scandinavian simplicity with the unique joyful touch of Aarikka. Discover the beautiful jewelry collection of Aarikka jewelry and find the perfect piece for you.

The beautiful Finnish nature is strongly present in the designs of Aarikka. The forests have always been a source of inspiration when it comes to their design work. Aarikka uses a lot of wood in their designs, which for many is what first comes to mind when thinking about this iconic brand. The brand has a long history in its home country and the love for its designs has been passed down generations. Recently this Finnish brand has also started to gain attention on the international market. The use of wood another natural material and the strong connection to eco-friendliness and sustainability are elements that many feel drawn to.

What makes Aarikka so special is their way of manufacturing. Most Aarikka jewelry is made in Finland by talented artisans who work from their own homes. Handcraft is something that many Finns hold dear and it is considered a strong part of the culture. The brand is dedicated to employing Finnish craft talents contributing to the continuity of this special industry in their home country.