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  1. Jacques Lemans Aktion 42-7A
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    Jacques Lemans Aktion 42-7A

72 Items

Jacques Lemans is one of the world’s leading watch manufacturers that has been operating for decades producing top quality watches using top quality materials at a reasonable price. The brand has its roots in Austria which still today is the brand’s home. Jacques Lemans has its headquarters in a town called St.Veit an der Gian whereas the production processes takes place in Switzerland and Hong Kong. The watches are sold at carefully chosen retailers in more than 120 countries. Back in 2009 the brand won the license to design the official UEFA Champions league watches. This praised collection confirmed the brand’s spot on the market as the producer of leading high quality sports watches.

Crystex and Sapphire glass is used to protect the dials whereas innovative materials like high tech ceramics are used to further fine tune the designs and durability. Explore the captivating collection today by taking a scroll through our large selection of beautiful Jacques Lemans design watches. There is something for everyone!

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