Polar Heart Rate Belts

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Polar heart rate belts: trustworthy partner for sports

Polar heart rate belts are top products in the market, known for their excellent precision and comfort. These heart rate belts are ideal for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Particularly, the Polar H9 and Polar H10 models are among the most popular in the market, valued for their accuracy and reliability.

Polar H9: Reliable performance monitoring

The Polar H9 heart rate belt is designed to provide precise information about your heart rate during all kinds of physical activities. Its compatibility with various devices and applications makes it a versatile choice for all types of training. The advanced ANT+ and Bluetooth technology of the H9 enables easy synchronization of heart rate data with different devices, offering flexibility and comfort during training.

Polar H10 heart rate belt: Ultimate precision and comfort

The Polar H10 is the top model among heart rate belts, renowned for its extreme precision and comfort. Equipped with the latest heart rate measurement technology, it offers even more accurate readings and in-depth information about your performance. The waterproof design and long-lasting battery of the H10 make it an ideal choice for swimmers and triathletes alike. Its flexible and comfortable design ensures that the heart rate belt stays in place even during intense training.