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h2>Shokz: The pioneer of open-ear headphones

Shokz is an innovative headphone brand. Their products are designed to provide a unique open-ear experience, allowing you to hear ambient sounds while enjoying high-quality audio performance. This feature makes Shokz headphones ideal for sports and other active pursuits, offering users a combination of safety and comfort. The range includes different models, such as OpenRun and OpenRun Pro, which are specifically designed to withstand sweating and weather conditions, while offering long battery life and fast charging.


OpenRun is one of Shokz's most popular models. It is designed specifically for athletes and active users. The headphones' light weight, IP67-rated water resistance and up to 8 hours of battery life make them the ideal companion for all kinds of outdoor activities and sports. OpenRun's technology ensures you can stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying high-quality sound.