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  1. DKNY NY2285 Stanhope
    In stock
    DKNY NY2285 Stanhope €225.00
  2. DKNY Brooklyn NY8769
    In stock
    DKNY Brooklyn NY8769 €165.00
  3. DKNY NY8287
    In stock
    DKNY NY8287 €139.00
  4. DKNY NY2227 Beekman
    In stock
    DKNY NY2227 Beekman €285.00
  5. DKNY NY2275 Soho
    In stock
    DKNY NY2275 Soho €255.00
  6. DKNY NY2471 Crosby
    In stock
    DKNY NY2471 Crosby €265.00
  7. DKNY NY2432 Chambers
    In stock
    DKNY NY2432 Chambers €225.00
  8. DKNY NY1502
    In stock
    DKNY NY1502 €199.00
  9. DKNY Stanhope NY2400
    In stock
    DKNY Stanhope NY2400 €169.00
  10. DKNY Minetta NY2651
    In stock
    DKNY Minetta NY2651 €189.00
  11. DKNY Crosswalk NY2937
    Temporarily out of stock
    DKNY Crosswalk NY2937
  12. DKNY NY2343 Soho Gold
    Temporarily out of stock
    DKNY NY2343 Soho Gold

27 Items

DKNY watches online

Since 1989 the fashion brand DKNY of fashion designer Donna Karan has made comfortable and luxurious clothes and accessories for men, women and children. DKNY watches are a prime example of Donna Karan’s ideals that are creativity, quality, resourcefulness, edginess and diversity. According to Donna Karan’s philosophy you have to be able to combine clothes, jewellery, and other accessories in many different ways in order to create different and imposing wholes that you can finish off with DKNY watches.

The creative touch and high quality of Donna Karan

Small and often surprising details give their own interesting flair to the unique and versatile DKNY watches. These details are always subtle and they never overpower the gorgeous whole. All DKNY watches have high quality parts and materials. When you buy a DKNY watch you know you’re buying a quality product. The watches are durable and their style stays current year after year.

Versatile and inventive design

DKNY offers a wide collection of classically designed watches, but inventive design is also a part of DKNY brand. If you’re looking for a watch that really catches your eye, you will easily find it from the glorious collection of DKNY. Variability and broadness are the trademarks of DKNY watch collection. They pride themselves with a stunning collection of different rocks, bracelet materials and bracelet styles. You can choose your bracelet from jewel-like delicate models to sturdy leather bracelets. The cases of the watches are always made of stainless steel and they come in several beautiful colours from rose gold to yellow gold.

Edgy style with a flair of New York

All DKNY watches are spiced with a fair dosage of New York’s style and attitude. DKNY watches don’t blend in, they pride themselves with their prominent yet elegant design. It’s easy to find a model that fits your style both at work and for a night in town from the DKNY watch collection. Creating a magnificent style is affordable, because the collection has watches that match almost anyone’s budget range. Whether you choose a watch that is of the latest trends or a classically designed one; the quality, style and diversity will always exceed your expectations. With a DKNY watch you will always succeed!

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