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Candino is a high-class Swiss watch brand. All Candino wristwatches will be delivered in the original gift box of the manufacturer. They are also issued an official two-year warranty.

You can find high-quality Swiss Candino wristwatches with a good price and quick delivery from our online store. All Candino watches are shipped within 3-5 working days straight from our stock. Candino is a high-class Swiss watch manufacturer that has long traditions. The big Festina Group is behind the brand. Festina Group includes several watch brands like Festina, Lotus, Jaguar, and Calypso, and two jewelry brands Lotus Style and Lotus Silver. The group uses only high-quality materials like stainless steel, titanium, genuine leather, and scratchless ceramics in their watches. Candino makes watches that are suitable for everyone. For instance, ladies' watches are decorated with beautiful synthetic zircon stones that will create a classic look. For men, the selection also offers sporty chronographs and stylish watches you can wear with a suit. The company also makes affordable automatic watches.

Candino watches - Well-known Swiss quality

Candino watches are made in Switzerland that is well-known for their top know-how. Watches that are made in Switzerland have to fill strict quality demands to bear the Swiss Made tag. Each sector in the design, manufacturing, assembling, transporting and customer servicing has been designed with extreme care to fill these quality demands. Quality control is executed in each production phase. Besides quality the company considers product development extremely important and they do it continuously. They aim to make Candino wristwatches even more trustworthy and efficient. Candino wants to be a reliable manufacturer that offers high-class watches at an affordable price.