The highly popular Polar Ignite range has been updated with the launch of Polar's all-new Polar Ignite 3 sports watch.

Ignite 3 smartwatch takes things a step further than the previous model. The Polar Ignite 3 is a very good combination of a smartwatch and a sports watch as it has all the features expected of them, while being reasonably sized and priced. In addition to the extensive sports features, the watch has all the necessary functions to monitor the user's general well-being, as well as smartwatch functions to facilitate everyday tasks.

The watch's appearance has undergone a slight update from the previous design. In general, the Ignite 3 has many similarities to the previous model, but the details and the overall look is more refined. The watch's single physical button has been moved from the previous seven o'clock to the current nine o'clock. The bezels of the watches have also been significantly updated compared to the previous version. The texture of the new model's bezel is more pronounced and, as a nice touch, it also varies in different color variations of the watch. The straps have also been given a graceful fabric-like texture, giving them a sophisticated touch.

Polar Ignite 3

The athlete's best friend

The watch helps you keep track of your daily training and well-being by analysing your daily sleep, activity, heart rate, steps and more. The watch provides interesting information about the total number of calories you burn during the day, as well as detailed information about the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates you burn during exercise.

Polar Ignite 3 is equipped with Polar's latest heart rate monitoring technology, which brings the sensors closer to skin for maximum accuracy. The watch also features an upgraded GPS with dual frequencies, allowing you to measure the length of your runs more accurately.

The watch offers tips and guidance tailored to you throughout the day to help you stay fit and active. A good day starts with a good night's sleep, and Polar Ignite 3 gives you a comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality, sleep stages and total sleep length in the morning. The watch gives you information about your wakefulness and tips on how to improve your sleep to promote your well-being.

All exercisers are different and Polar Ignite 3 takes this into account and gives the user personalised tips and suggestions for training. The watch provides intermediate information during a workout via a voice control, so you can concentrate fully on your performance without unnecessary distractions. However, the watch also provides a lot of valuable information during your performance, which you can easily see on the watch at a glance.

Polar Ignite 3

A practical everyday helper

Polar Ignite 3 is a very complete watch that offers its wearer practical tools for both sports and everyday life. The Ignite 3 has many practical functions that make your daily life easier and transmit important information directly to your wrist. Music control, weather information, timers, alarms and of course notifications are some of the features that any smartwatch user will use almost every day on their watch. Polar Ignite 3 features user-customized widgets that bring the user's important and frequently used applications to the user's fingertips easily and quickly.

A negative feature of sports watches has often been their overwhelming size, but fortunately this is not the case with the Ignite 3. The physical size of the watch has been kept to a minimum, with a diameter of 43mm and a height of just 9.5mm, making it very compact and sensible in its range, but it still manages to pack in all the necessary features, a good sized battery and a first class screen. The Polar Ignite 3 sports watch has been upgraded with a very sharp and bright 1.28-inch Amoled display, making it easy and practical to use the watch. The new Amoled panel takes the watch to a new level of comfort while retaining the brightness and tonality of the colors, while remaining clear and bright.

Polar Ignite 3

Support for over 150 sports

The new Polar Ignite 3 works seamlessly with the Polar Flow training platform to provide advanced sports performance tracking. Polar Flow provides users with comprehensive tools to support their training, including tools for planning and analysis, progress reports and automated training diaries to keep track of your progress. With Polar Flow, users can choose from more than 150 different sports and select the ones that suit them best.

Polar Ignite 3

Battery life up to 5 days

Polar Ignite 3 has excellent battery life, providing continuous monitoring with GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring for up to 30 hours. In power save mode, this continuous monitoring can be extended up to 100 hours. The watch provides approximately 5 days of battery life in the normal everyday usage with continuous heart rate monitoring.