Have you already heard about Huawei's 2022 sports watch news:w Huawei Watch GT Runner? Huawei Watch GT Runner is a handsome sports watch for runners that, despite its name, is a great fit for most common types of training. The slim watch is equipped with great features, a beautiful 1'43" round AMOLED touch display and an exceptionally smooth and fast operating system. At just 38.5 grams the watch sits delightfully light on the wrist supporting you in your day-to-day activities from morning to night. Furthermore, you get 4 gigabytes of storage for music and up to two weeks of battery life, ensuring we’re talking about a highly practical workout partner that will surprise you with its amazing features over and over again.

Huawei Watch GT Runner - Key Features

  • A lightweight fit (38,5 g)
  • A wide selection of workout features, fantastic extras for runners
  • Ultra-precise GPS
  • Up to 14 days of battery life
  • 4 GB storage for music etc.
Watch GT Runner

Huawei Watch GT Runner is made of durable polymer fiber in a stylish black color. The large AMOLED screen is made of glass, the casing of lightweight plastic and the strap of comfortable silicone. It is a lightweight watch with versatile features!

Running man

This could be the best watch for runners of 2022

As promised by the name, the Huawei Watch GT Runner is an excellent sports watch for runners. Choose between different training modes for indoor or outdoor running or try one of the several guided running modes that are suitable for beginners as well as experienced marathon runners. Even the design of the watch has been optimised with the needs of runners in mind: the watch sits very lightly on the wrist, has 4 gigabytes of music storage and the battery lasts for up to two weeks so you can be sure it won't run out of energy in the middle of a longer run.

Set a personal goal for your training and let the watch guide you towards better performances. You can listen to the watch's training advice via the built-in speaker or connect it to a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones in case you’re working out at the gym. Huawei watch GT Runner also analyses your fitness level to give you accurate estimates of how you will perform on longer runs.

Huawei Watch GT Runner’s GPS

Why is Huawei Watch GT Runner the perfect GPS watch for running?

Huawei Watch GT Runner is the perfect GPS watch for runners due to excellent precision when it comes to GPS positioning. This watch offers ultra-precise GPS tracking, the effectiveness of which is based on a combination of five different satellite systems and their tactical positioning on the watch. Normally, the satellite system is embedded in the watch's case, but Huawei has placed the system in the watch's lugs (the part of the watch case between which the strap is attached). This watch offers everything you need to figure out your location in just a few seconds even in a busy urban environment! The innovative system also helps you to measure your running distance more accurately.

Huawei Watch comparison

Comparison: Huawei Watch GT Runner vs Huawei Watch GT 3

Huawei smartwatches offer high quality without exception and their various watch models are similar in many ways (e.g. in terms of screen size and resolution). But there are also differences! So what are the differences between Huawei's flagship Watch GT Runner and Watch GT 3?

Huawei Watch GT Runner Huawei Watch GT 3
Weight 38,5 g 42 g
Case size 46 mm 46 mm
Display type and size 1.43 tuuman AMOLED 1.43 tuuman AMOLED
Battery Up to 14 days Up to 14 days
Case material Plastic Stainless steel
Strap Silicone Steel or fluoroelastomer
Storage space 4 gt 4 gt
Water-resistancy 50 m 50 m
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.1

Both models are beautifully lightweight, but the Watch GT Runner beats the Watch GT 3 by a narrow margin in this category: the Watch GT Runner weighs 38.5 grams and the Watch GT 3 weighs 42 grams. There are also slight differences in materials, with the Watch GT 3 having a stainless steel case whereas Watch GT Runner is made from delightfully lightweight plastic. The Watch GT 3 supports Bluetooth 5.1, whereas the Watch GT Runner is equipped with the newer Bluetooth 5.2, providing slightly faster pairing and longer battery life.

Huawei Watch GT Runner

An excellent sports watch for running, swimming and orienteering

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is an excellent sports watch for running, swimming and orienteering enthusiasts. As we already presented, this model offers a wide range of great features for runners. However, it is also very suitable for other types sports! The Huawei Watch GT Runner is a great sports watch for orienteering with its state-of-the-art GPS that is powered by a combination of five different satellite systems. No matter where you are in the world, the watch will locate you within five seconds. The Huawei Watch GT Runner is also suitable for swimmers, as it is water resistant up to 50 meters. It's also exceptionally lightweight, so if you're looking for a comfortable sports watch that doesn’t stand in your way when playing sports, this is the model for you!

To conclude: Huawei Watch GT Runner is an affordable sports watch for its quality

Huawei Watch GT Runner is an affordable sports watch especially when you consider the high quality of the watch. Runners can create a detailed training plan and use the guided running mode, which is available for both beginners and marathon runners. Thanks to its lightweight design, this is the sports watch that will sit neatly on the wrist from morning to night. The large AMOLED display is bright, offering vivid colours and great detail. With four gigabytes of storage, you can easily load your music libraries directly into the watch. The battery lasts up to 14 days, making it a handsome yet functional choice that works even for those who work out several times a week. We are sure that the first Huawei sports watch will be a success! Grab your chance and experience it for yourself.