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AVI-8 bells embody the history of aviation

As its name suggests, AVI-8 draws its inspiration from the many facets of aviation and its history. The mission of the AVI-8 brand is to offer watches that are practical but also very comfortable to wear and that tell a story about people and their equipment. The overall look of the watches is loyal to the practicality typical of pilot watches and the features of AVI-8 watches are therefore implemented with use and functionality in mind, not just appearance. At the Central Watch online store, you will find a comprehensive range of AVI-8 watches, with fast 1-2 business day delivery direct from our warehouse.

A high quality range of AVI-8 pilot watches at reasonable prices

The AVI-8 brand watches are inspired by the history and design language of the aviation industry. Large hands and distinctive indexes are a hallmark of aviation-themed watches, and the AVI-8 brand is an excellent choice for those who want one. The watches combine traditional aviation design with modern features and sophisticated details. Pilot watches are known for their large size, but the AVI-8 range offers a variety of options in different sizes, so everyone can find a watch to suit their needs. The practical yet elegant overall look of the watches ensures that they are suitable for many occasions, making them reliable companions for both every day and more festive occasions.