Apple Watch Series 9

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Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatch - towards a new era

The Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatch is now more versatile than ever. It's packed with new features and sensors that make it easier to track your well-being. The body temperature sensor provides more accurate health information, especially for women, and, for example, monitors your body temperature while you sleep. A new feature on the watch is also collision detection. Apple Watch Series 9 detects if you're involved in a serious car accident. If necessary, the Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatch will automatically contact 911 and notify emergency responders of your location. The watch will also notify your ICE contact. This is made possible by the Apple Watch's three-axis, wide-range gyroscope, new high-G accelerometer, microphone, barometer, GPS, and advanced sensor fusion algorithm, which has been trained with more than a million hours of real-world accident data.

Apple Smartwatch helps you achieve better health and lifestyle

Balanced sleep is an important part of health. The Sleep app on Apple Watch Series 9 tracks the amount of sleep you get, as well as the percentage of REM, basic and deep sleep. The watch also shows the times you're awake during sleep. Apple Watch 9 also lets you take an ECG at any time (Apple Watch Series 9 can produce a heart curve that matches the I-switch curve. The ECG measurement on Apple Watch 9 is not intended for medical use (the ECG app is not intended for use by anyone under 22 years old). You can also use Apple Watch to measure your blood oxygen level (the Apple Watch 9 oxygen level measurement is not intended for medical use).

Apple Watch Series 9 has a, improved Exercise app. The app has new workout views that give you more information at a glance. Heart rate tracking lets you quickly outline the intensity of your workout. The device automatically calculates training zones based on your health data. You can also create them manually. You can tailor your workout to suit your training style. You can monitor notifications for pace, heart rate, cadence, and power.

Apple's reliable durability and personal style

Apple Watch Series 9 is shockproof, dustproof to IP6X, and swim-proof to WR50. All this doesn't exclude style, however. The edge-to-edge, always-on Retina display is high-quality and durable. The bright Retina display makes detailed watch faces stunning to look at and easy to read. The larger screen also makes it easier to manage and type on the screen. The App Store has thousands of apps and watches faces to suit your style. You can also create your watch faces, with a style tailored to your interests. And with interchangeable and versatile Apple Watch bands, you can customize the style that's right for you.